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Misc. Scribble #1: The Runner
   Just how long had she been running for? Before this current stretch of running, anyway. Her memory was incapable of being anything besides exact that point, so she knew that she had been on this current leg of her journey for 98,326 years, 8 hours and 44 seconds. She could have gotten the exact time down to the nanosecond if she wanted to, but that had always seemed like an unnecessary amount of precision for something that was ultimately pointless. She would get there when she got there. In 2742 years, 23 hours and 10 seconds, if she was still being moderately precise.
   No, it was all of the running before this that she found herself perplexed about. It felt, and objectively it was, lifetimes ago to her now. Then again, living through the end of the known universe probably did that to you.
   No one had ever been quite sure what had started it, or what it even was for that matter. It could have been alien technology gone wrong, a previously unknown n
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Legacyverse scribble #2: Outback on Titan
    Allison Rae let out a deep breath as she finally crested the hill, fogging up part of her helmet’s visor for a moment before its air circulators ratcheted up to clear her vision once more. About as clear as anyone’s vision ever got on the surface of Titan anyway, even on a relatively mild day like this one. She’d always found Titan to be kind of pretty, but then again, Allison was a martian by birth. Rocky, sandy, desolate landscapes were what she’d grown up with, and her people often had a certain appreciation for them that most terrans never quite seemed to share.
    The ground, rocky and bare beneath her feet, stretched out in all directions, broken only by the occasional dune or outcrop all the way to where it terminated at the shore of a large lake. Beyond that, she could see the sheer peaks of a nearby mountain range rising up through the sepia-colored haze that shrouded the moon’s entire surface. The haze was on the thin sid
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Legacyverse scribble #1: Life with Brain Slugs
    Consciousness returned slowly for Lenna, little more than a hazy, gray awareness of being at first. What happened? Things had been going fairly well. They’d finished collecting their samples for the day and had been heading home when the shuttle… The shuttle! She remembered the blaring of alarms, and the loud bang as one of the engines seized up and died. Then there had been a brief moment of weightlessness, punctuated by a sudden stop and the sound of metal being ripped apart.
    she called out through the mental link she shared with the other woman, receiving no answer in return. She should have known better than to expect otherwise, hooked into the human’s nervous system like she was. The big alien’s unconsciousness should have been immediately and blindingly obvious to her, and the small flatworm-like creature gave a frustrated wriggle at her own moment of irrationality. Humans got irrational. Her job was to look out for her host. <
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    Well, it sure has been a while, huh?

    Over two years since the last journal entry, probably a little longer since the last bit of actual content uploaded. So what have I been up to all this time? Well... 2013 and 2014 weren't particularly kind to me. Family medical issues, followed by a death in my very immediate family last year, it just wasn't a very good time. But! Things do seem to be on the upswing. I'm back in school, trying to finish out my degree finally, and so far everything seems to be going pretty well on the school front. Besides that, I've mostly been chatting to the people I have managed to keep in touch with, reading, and playing War Thunder. Man, do I like me some War Thunder.

    There's definitely not been as much writing or productive things getting done as I would have liked, but I do have several ideas in varying stages of completeness, and I do plan on trying to get back into the creative swing of things sooner rather than later. So here's hoping I can actually motivate myself and get some fun Legacy stories done and posted. One good thing about taking such a long break from posting anything is that it has given some of the major changes we've made to Legacy time to sink in, and for the current canon to take more of a cohesive form (not that there isn't still tons of work to be done suring up things, especially when it comes to the timeline). So when i do actually get something done, it ought to be pretty in-line with the current vision of the setting, which is something the perfectionist canon-hawk in me would really like.

    Anyway, I was just tired of that old journal still being there. And I just wanted to make it clear that I was not dead, or anything. So much to do, and I've been procrastinating so very, very hard. Gotta start doing better.



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Happy birthday.
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SGA12 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2015  Student Writer
I would just like request something. You may have already gotten this request but I would like to see your character Fiona eating someone. Just putting it out there.
rcs619 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 27, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Ehh, honestly, if I ever did anything with her again, I'd go even more in the 'doesn't eat humans' direction with her than I already had been. The fact that she did it at all in her older iterations was mostly a younger, less-decisive me trying to make her conform more to the world instead of my own feelings. So yeah, she'd be on the way, opposite side of that particular thing. Plenty of mindless vore out there in Felarya. If I ever did anything with the setting again, it would be as far away from that as possible. Competent and capable humans, preds that aren't just one-dimensional anime vore-platforms, more of a focus on what surviving in this kind of world would entail for both groups of people.

The chances of me actually coming back to do anything are somewhere between slim and none at the moment. But who knows.
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Thank you for the watch!
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